About the Light Beings

These Light Beings are a group consciousness. They exist in the non-physical realms, but many of their ‘members’ have lived physical lives. They are, like we, a part of “All That Is” and reside in what they call the 6th dimension. Sometimes the channeled “Beings” speak from “I”, but mostly from “we”.

Their energy is a part of the Source, which we may all access in our own way if we are open to it and our intention is pure, because everything is connected. Joyce is not the only “Light Beings” or “Being of Light” channel. Light Being is a name offered to us by the consciousness that Joyce channels because, as they put it, we “humans like to put labels on things.”

When Joyce goes into channel, she always centers with these thoughts in mind: “I surround myself and the group with the Christ Consciousness, the white light from within, and from without, and I ask that my personality and my ego step aside so that I may be a clear channel, a clear vehicle, for information to come through from the highest source possible. I ask that the information that comes through be of benefit for any who read or hear it, and I give gratitude in advance for the information that we receive.”

“But we are of light bodies. The vibrations are much higher, the frequencies are much higher than earth bodies, and therefore, if you were able to see us we would appear more as a light.” (1995)

“We normally do not sense any kind of individuality as you would perceive it. We are an energy that combines many different elements to make up what you would call a group. Our interests are similar, and that is what brings us together. Egos and personalities do not exist in the way that it impedes you human kinds. When you ask a question, it is as though many so called signals join to give you an answer, and it may not be from any specific entity but a joining of efforts, so to speak. This information comes to you in a different way than in some of the so called channels. They may receive an individual entity that speaks through the physical body, and the personality is taken on by the entity that acts as a vehicle. That would be possible for Joyce, but it is not what she chose as her method of receiving information. She chose before this incarnation to continue working with the beings that she originally came from, and that would not make it necessary for her to become just a vehicle for one being which still wishes to express themselves through an earth’s body. We have no so called investment in creating a personality or creating specific ways of speaking. We simply want to give information that will be helpful in moving Joyce and others that may decide to participate forward in this shift of the earths’ plane, and hope through such communication to give some practical guidance as well.” (1996)

From Group Reading #25 Jan, 2003

Question: What advice or council would you give to the group regarding giving up their seniority to you, and your information, versus finding their own truth?

LBs: We have said from the first time we began to impart information that the goal was to reach the point with each person that they could tune into their own truth, their own being, and not look outside of that for information. And so, it is our ultimate goal to help you learn how to use your energies and to open in such a way that the communication can be direct with the Source and [you] no longer need an intermediary or someone to act as a vehicle for you to receive information, because you will make that direct connection yourself. 

The Light Beings' information given on this site is channeled through Joyce B. Cary. A channel is a medium - the physical vehicle - for a message or information to come through, and not the actual source of the information. The information coming through Joyce is from an expansive group consciousness (and sometimes entities that have transitioned from an earth experience) in other dimensions. Joyce is an unconscious channel, not normally aware of any information recorded or written down by her until a session is over.