Light Beings' Channeled Messages

     The Light Beings are a group consciousness. They exist in the non-physical realms, but many of their ‘members’ have lived physical lives.
Topics are listed chronologically as they are found within the information discussed, specifically asked or not.

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              2018 forecast; year of change, unrest, much earth upheaval

              Fear, the Ego, Dogma, Religions

              Las Vegas Shooter Motive


             Sheeple, world chaos, solutions

             Donald Trump in 2017

             Energetic and real-world advantage to growing plants in 
             circles and equilateral triangles.

             Donald Trump and US politics next few years.

             Energies that influence us when we are born
             Need to ground and distance ourselves from global chaos.
             Political energy and how to best engage with it.

            Technology: help or hinderance?

             Inner peace amidst world chaos
             Large vibrational shifts at a quantum level in Sept, Oct of 2015 will affect us all. 
             Earth Changes, West coast drought
             Worsening Middle East conflicts
             North Korea leadership changes
             China's ambitions in the South China Sea

             Feeling drained of energy and 'depressed' because of energies outside oneself.

            Open hearts can feel the energy of Middle East conflicts
            Disincarnated Aneva discusses her lives in the region  
            How the Middle East can change for the better, freeing women as well.
            The power and influence of thoughts

            Advice on thoughts surrounding the Middle East conflicts.

            Why do so many people have trouble with affirmations?

            Connecting with souls that have recently transitioned
            The need for everyone to cooperate and work together on the planet
            The need to simplify our lives and reduce our footprint on the planet
            Suggestions on needed renovation of our educational systems

            DNA, quantum changes and the need to balance and rest
            Perception, time, daily stresses

            Electromagnetic pollution and health
            Human body-field, personal resonance

            Do No Harm
            Individual Choice
            Karmic Speedup

            Earth Changes: a summary to date

            The Social Order; ego, individuality, sharing, community and responsibility

            World chaos and connecting with others

            Perception, time collapse, rapid technological change
            Earth changes, discipline and responsibility

            Solar Flares
            Sleep and Stress
            Chakra balance
            World events; inflation and economy
            Subtle energies and the human form
            Pure Intent and conscious living
            US Government and Social Changes

Various 2010
            What is 'Knowingness'?
            Trust and manifestation
             'We'; disciplining thought, word and deed
             Remaining in the 'present'; its importance for the mind and relationships
             Sleep deprivation from a busy mind and lifestyle; dangers to health; suggested solutions.
             Chaos and resistance to change; the need to flow
             Societal and personal survival requires communication and cooperation
             Staying active a purposeful can prolong length and quality of life
             Sense of safety and inner stability due to authentic choices
             Intimacy and lack of intimacy with self and others. Opening to joy.
             Earth changes and responsibility for one's own consciousness and choices
             Life is changing. Use your colors and relax

            Fear of joy
            One’s greatest purpose
            Souls incarnating to teach by example
            The universal, quantum grid
            Post 2012: souls sharing with other souls while incarnate

Various 2009
This will be seen as a period of Consciousness and Change  
            Light work: the need to form community and be more active
            Polarities becoming more pronounced
            No longer can one ignore what needs to be done
            Consciousness rising:  opportunity to past and present life issues
            Time to trust the Universal flow and listening to the Soul’s direction
            Manifestations and ‘miracles’ of all sorts will increase
            Increasing need to balance work, play and quite time with Oneness

            Opening to channeling and how best to manage it
            Listening to the Soul
            The world at a crossroads

            UFOs; why doesn’t everyone see them?
            Life’s external mirror
            Economic upheaval; adjusting to needing less and creating community

           Polarity and shadow people
           Autism: diet, energy distortions, toxicities and helpful suggestions
           Modern times and the need to live consciously

1/06/08 & 1/20/08
           Emotions and duality
           Pure Intent and Manifestation
           Helping others effectively, and unconditional love
           On the need to control others
           If we are One, why do we choose to separate?
           Do we evolve or expand?
           Does personal awareness continue after death?
           Jesus; fact or fiction?

          Rocky personal relationships and one’s expectations
          Thought processes influencing physical issues
          Are general nutritional supplements needed?   
          7 colored cloths being used simultaneously to relieve stress
          US media and TV manipulating through drama and fear: a US way of life
          Americans living in fear. Lifestyle choices
          The American Diet
          Body PH and health
          Cancer and PH; lemon water
          Reasons for Americas overall weight gains
          High fat diets
          How to truly lose weight
          The foundation of Life and Spirit: Photons of light at the quantum level
          Can one measure Spirit since it’s not separate from All that Is?
          Spirit and one’s Essence being a part of the river of life
          Energy vortexes (areas on the planet) of light
          Vibrational shifts: the power  and influence of enlightened consciousness  
          When others ‘drain’ your energy. What you can do about it.

Pet transitions, communication after death
       Pollution and toxic thoughts
       One unstated (unconscious) thought, and how it can affect many lives
       World-wide pollution and irresponsible thought processes
       How can one experience true love?
       UFOs, aliens and reasons for visiting earth
       To give without discernment can be abusive
       What are Angels?
       Undisciplined emotion, the causes of violent behavior
       Violent emotion and early childhood experience/perception
       Why are governments afraid of UFOs?
       Conscious choice; more important than ever

          Rocky personal relationships and one’s expectations
          Thought processes influencing physical issues
          Are general nutritional supplements needed?   
          7 colored cloths being used simultaneously to relieve stress
          US media and TV manipulating through drama and fear: a US way of life
          Americans living in fear. Lifestyle choices
          The American Diet
          Body PH and health
          Cancer and PH; lemon water
          Reasons for Americas overall weight gains
          High fat diets
          How to truly lose weight
          The foundation of Life and Spirit: Photons of light at the quantum level
          Can one measure Spirit since it’s not separate from All that Is?
          Spirit and one’s Essence being a part of the river of life
          Energy vortexes (areas on the planet) of light
          Vibrational shifts: the power  and influence of enlightened consciousness  
          When others ‘drain’ your energy. What you can do about it.

       Sleep issues; Why do we wake up in the middle of the night?
       Joyce’s perception when in channel. Where does she ‘go’?
       Jesus’ idea of universal interconnectedness
       Going back to sleep; helpful hints
       Ego/Soul balance and sleep   
       Holy wars 

       Belief Systems tested by vibrational shift
       The need to understand and be conscious of one’s own intentions
       Sleep-aid comments

       The Iraq War, its meaning, Sadam Hussein, US lessons in power,
       Reincarnational choices, polarization and opportunities for the soul to learn,
       Being peace, or living in fear, the ripple effect.


       Addictions; pain avoidance coping mechanism, NLP, Visualization
       Choosing to raise one’s vibrational level
       Soul and Essence
       About the Light Beings  6,11,15,21
       Fear plays its part in the development of the Soul
       Magnetic pole shift?
       Light work and Light workers
       Vibration and Cellular Shifts, energetic geometric structures, subatomic particles,
           pulsations and quantum physics
       The effectiveness of different sound-healing modalities
       Pollution and weather changes
       Consciousness begets energy which begets form. Raising consciousness.
       Pets and earth changes.
       Aging, cultural cellular memory and thought patterns

Las Vegas Shooter Tragedy and Motive

Monday, 10-02-2017 8:30 PM EST.

Charles: What in the world happened to this individual in Las Vegas that he felt a need to go out and kill all these people? Did he have a mental breakdown or psychic break or something?

Light Beings: That is probably what you would consider it—if you understood exactly what went on inside his thinking and perception—it would be, as you said, a psychic breakdown or a mental breakdown; and it was something that had been coming on for quite some time; he had been able to shield it from those he was closest to; but it was something that was almost of an obsession with him. In many respects he felt that the world was, as he saw it, coming apart from the morality of what he perceived to be of those that participated in things that were not of his belief system. There were many things that he felt were out of control, so-to-speak, and it began to become almost like a God complex within him that he needed to do something about it, and that was when he began to make his plan. And it wasn’t really thought through thoroughly, that it would be this particular time and this particular group of people, but it was something that kept playing in his mind that it was something that he needed to do to correct what was going on on the planet, or what was going on in his mind, and this just happened to be the first opportunity, so-to-speak, to do what he felt was necessary to help cleanse the planet.

Q:  Well, you said that he didn’t necessarily target any particular group, but his group was, generally speaking, because of its music inclination, a right wing, American, country western people. Was he an anti-gun person that wanted to make using guns in a wrong way an example for everybody?

LBs:  No, that is not at all what he was trying to do. No. He was simply trying to cleanse the world of those that participated in what he viewed as not Godly.

Q:  And so, he was not part of any established religion?

LBs:   Only on the outskirts. He participated in several different forms of religion at one time or another, but found nothing that he could truly call home, so-to-speak.

Q:  So he was very upset about people having music, or popular music? Was this something that was anathema to him?

LBs:  It was not just the music, but what he perceived was the lifestyle of the musicians, of what that stood for, so-to-speak.

Q: Was there anything in his past in his life or with his wife that traumatized him so that he perceived it in that respect? In that area? In music?

LBs:  He had a mother that was extraordinarily strict, and told him from the time he could remember, that he must be a “good boy”, so-to-speak, which meant there were parameters she set that he should never go outside of or he would no longer be a ‘good’ boy;……. very strict environment.

He in some way, in his mind, felt he was doing what was ‘right’ because these people [he shot] were not staying within the ‘good boy’ boundaries.

Q:   Did he have any people help him prepare for this, because he had a lot of guns brought up into the hotel?

LBs:  No, he was a single….

Q:   Actor?

LBs:   Yes.

Q:  Did any of his inclinations come from past life experience or carryover that was overwhelming for him?

LBs:  He, himself, had been a victim in past lives and there was a lot of anger, still, of violence. And there’s a lot of anger, still, within that Soul.

Q:  How is there violence in people doing music? I don’t understand.

LBs:  That wasn’t what he saw. He saw them going outside the boundaries of a good boy.

Q:  Ok. So, he never played music at home?

LBs:  No.

Q:  So he was really a sick individual, obviously.

LBs:  That is correct.

Q:  How could he legally……..he had access to, if I understand it correctly, an automatic rifle which is of a military grade. How could he get that?

LBs:  Those are not difficult to get; fairly easy on what you would call the black market.

Q:   Wow, so unfortunate that nobody was aware of that. Such an incredible tragedy.


Aneva Q&A 11-30-14    Feeling the Middle East

In 2014 Joyce began receiving occasional spontaneously channeled information from people who Charles or Joyce had known in this lifetime and had transitioned. Like the LBs, they would pop in for a short conversation.

She then connected with a man who was in a dreaming state and still alive in Saudi Arabia. He said he was beginning to question how his culture viewed outsiders, not of their immediate surroundings, as not necessarily being the ‘same’ as them. He also expressed great worry for his son, who had decided to join the uprising in Syria, thinking it was the wrong thing to do. The LBs commented that his personality would not recall what had transpired when he awoke and his unexpected appearance was not recorded.

Joyce had a spontaneous channel on 11-30-14 which was recorded. For many months she had experienced great feelings of unexplained sadness and foreboding which would gradually disappear. That morning, her feeling of sadness, which had suddenly appeared again when she awoke, left just as suddenly after the channel, just as it did after the Saud’s communication.

Below is the conversation. Following that is another conversation with a reader that points to the fact that many of us are picking up the energies.

Aneva Q&A 11-30-14                                     

Joyce:  My name is Aneva. I come to you to help you understand more of the ……….I am finding it difficult to use this kind of mechanism to speak.

Q: Will it be easier if we ask questions?

Aneva:  It is simply going to take some adjustment for me to get used to this way of communicating.

I was born on your planet in 1819, and I have lived several lives since then in countries that spoke often of violence, and experienced early demise in two of my lifetimes due to the wars that were taking place in the various provinces of the area.

Q: What area of the world was that?

Aneva:  What you now call the Middle East, or the Iraq, Afghanistan area. It was a difficult life each time, and I did not want to reincarnate after the last time that I left the planet. I was only 23 and had already 4 children.

I am coming to you to help you understand the way of the people of that era, and even now of that area, so that you do not get caught in the sadness you are feeling.  A very open heart can connect quite easily with those that are in pain, and can pick up the sadness and pain of the many women who are suppressed and not allowed to have any kind of life other than that of a servant. They may live well, be fed well, and have lots of amenities that one feels would make life easier, but they are not considered equal to the men and, therefore, not allowed to express who they really are. It is a very difficult life for those that are born of the fire signs; and even more difficult if they are born with fire and earth because it makes no sense at all to them, the attitudes that envelope their lives; and so many try to break out, and the results are usually death.

It will take many decades yet for the areas that are led by those that believe they are chosen, to break the traditions and the laws that surround women.  It is not total hopelessness, but it is not going to be a way that one such as yourself can understand completely; such suppression. You chose not to ever incarnate since the time of your Avatar, Jesus, in such an environment. And even then, you were a young boy of the Jewish culture and followed that of your Avatar, and were stoned at 17 years old and left the planet.  And so you have had no inclination to join that type of culture in many decades, but have been a part of another suppressed culture, that of your American Indian, but it was of a totally different type of suppression from the outside, and as a female you were a leader and allowed to be revered in your wisdom and choices made. So you have not had to experience what I am speaking to you about, but because of your ability to empathize, you are picking up many times the pain and suffering that is of women in the Middle East.

To help in any way, it will be only to educate to a small degree those around you about the cultures and how women are treated, and perhaps each person that is reached will put forth some positive thought processes; and every positive thought that is exuded on the planet has some effect. That is the only way that this culture of violence will ever change. It will take not just women, but also individual men, like the one that spoke to you recently, to begin questioning what is happening around them, and in their own way begin to open to a different way of being. And with each turn of, or change of thought, it will affect everyone that comes in contact with that person, and will continue to expand; causing people to question their method of belief and the culture they live in. That is the only way the violence will ever be stopped. Never will it be stopped with return violence; that only convinces those that believe that they are doing the right thing for their own salvation to continue in an even more violent way.

You have been chosen by your own decision made before you incarnated, to share some of your knowledge about thoughts, to help those of a questioning nature to understand how very important the thoughts are they exude and allow to permeate their being and surroundings, if they are to bring in any kind of peace to your planet. The planet has now reached a point where, for those of you that understand a difference between living in the light and living in the dark, this is more important than it has ever been. Because of your increased population, and those that have determined they are the elite or they deserve more than others on the planet, there is a great division. But the difference now, more than in other times in your history, is that those that are being suppressed are more educated in their lives and are therefore not willing to follow and accept the way things are at this time. And so, if there is not a change in the way things are, even in your own country, there will be a division that will not be pleasant. It is of great importance now for each of you that understand in a broader sense what living in an incarnated body is, to help expand the knowledge that will avoid the kind of revolution that could transpire.

I come to you only to give you the confidence that you need to move forward now in your progression and growth, for you to share the information that you will continue to receive from many that are not incarnated at this time and want to see the planet earth not be destroyed, but to see the possibilities of lives that could be full of joy, and fear not being the pervading emotion that is driving a huge number on your planet.

Reader Question  4-24-15                                   

Q:  I have been very tired a lot recently. It comes and goes no matter how much sleep I get. I may feel fine, and then all of a sudden it just comes over me, sort of like my energy has been drained and I feel depressed. Is it coming from my own internal conflicts or thought processes, or what?

Light Beings: It is not one thing that is creating the tiredness within you. There are several things, and some may play together. Sometimes it is one thing that is affecting you, but there are things that are affecting all entities on the planet at this time. One of them is you are empathetic, and so you pick up on energies that may be transpiring across the planet, and there are some very difficult things going on within many areas of your world, and you end up many times feeling some of the conflict, some of the imploding energy — and that is the best way we know how to explain it — it truly is imploding within people, and its causing tremendous pain, tremendous hurt, sadness, confusion within those that are not participating and do not understand why it has to be the way it is. And so, you’re pulling more energetically from those that are observing or not participating in the conflict, but being affected by the conflicts, that’s what you’re empathizing with; you’re not a soul of violence, you’re not a soul that looks for revenge, so to speak, but you are one that feels for things that are not of justice. And so you empathize with these souls that are experiencing these injustices and not understanding why — why does it have to be this way? So that, within itself, is one of the things you’re picking up on. And if you will notice, many times it is usually about the time across the world they will be getting up, beginning their day, and then many times it will be late in the evenings when they are retiring and there is much time to think.

So that is one area that is creating your uncomfortable feeling, your draining feeling, as you say, because that’s how they’re feeling, very, very drained; hopeless. And if you look at how you feel sometimes, it is a hopeless kind of energy, one that says I just don’t want to move forward. Do you see? — One area where you are experiencing the drain.

Another one is you are, for the first time perhaps in your incarnation, since you have been able to make choices about diet, experiencing a tiredness when it would be natural, and at other times you would have reached for something that would have stimulated you. [Caffeine and/or sugar] You would have pushed your body without realizing it and then irritability sets in, frustration sets in, and it’s a combination of both the diet and the tiredness. And so now all you are experiencing is a normal tiredness, and you don’t understand that because you have been used to stimulating yourself, pushing yourself. And it’s very interesting, your mirror that you live with does the same thing, and you see him, but not yourself. 

Light Beings Q&A 8-15-15                                                         Sept-Oct Vibrational Shifts

Charles:  One of our friends feels there could be a crash in the stock market and possibly a large downturn in the economy very soon, possibly starting in Sept and Oct 2015. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Light Beings:   He is picking up that, yes, there are going to be some rather large shifts in Sept. and Oct. globally. Some of the shifts are going to be connected with what is happening in the Middle East. There will be more upheaval, and some things can happen that could create a lot of difficulty with Turkey and Egypt as well as the other countries that are already in conflict. Of course, when we say this, we must also say that this is a possibility, it is not an absolute. But the way things are moving at this time — and some of the underground plans that are taking place, there could be some explosive — how can we say this? Retribution will be the way it will be seen from the other countries that will be somewhat involved. So that is a possibility.

There can also be some earth upheavals. That also is not an absolute. But a very good possibility that the West coast could be — perhaps not a major earthquake, but an upheaval on the West coast, and it could have to do with the drought that they are presently experiencing. 

There are also going to be huge shifts in the frequencies on the earth plane in September and October that are going to make some great changes in the physicality of the entities on the planet. This is very difficult to explain because the subtle energies that are involved in this shift are not going to be something that scientists are going to easily be able to pinpoint, but it will be a shift that will affect the consciousness of all entities, human entities especially, on the planet. And it will manifest as an opening, so-to-speak, of the way the frontal cortex of the brain actually works.  If one has worked on oneself consciously it will be an easy transition and one will be able to make decisions much easier, see possibilities better, move in ways that will be almost seen as without effort. But for those who are resisting the opening of consciousness, the moving forward in, should we say, a higher level of being, they will experience it differently and find that they are struggling with many, many things they are confronted with, both physically and psychologically. So there will be a lot of conflict both within their own being, and without, with other beings they come in contact with. So you will see a division many times in families, and many times in political arenas where there is almost a complete and absolute division, where there can be no compromises. And that, within itself, can create huge, huge issues.

So that is all that he is picking up on, this shift that is going to change much of the way that life has been known on the planet in subtle ways, in ways that will be difficult to always pinpoint. It will not always be something that you can reach out and touch, but you will feel the differences. And those, as we said, that have become more conscious, will have the ability many times to lead those that are not as conscious, and it will be important for them to take that initiative and take that step into that leadership for those that are not at that point and have a great need to see a way to be different and don’t know how because of the confusion, the conflict within themselves and without.

The true state of consciousness is when the soul and the mind are not in conflict, when both understand the same purpose and move forward in the same direction. This is what we mean by those that have worked on their consciousness. They are more open to recognizing what the soul wants and what the mind needs, and they become one and the same. That is what many call enlightenment, when there is absolutely no conflict between what you would call the subconscious and the conscious, in that the subconscious is your programming, so to speak, and the conscious can help reprogram so that there is not the conflict any longer.

Q:  Why would the lack of harmony or discord between the soul and the mind be more difficult for us when the earth plane’s vibration continues to rise? People have lived with their own personal status quo up until now , difficult at times, yes, but they could still expand at their own rate, so why will there be a greater difficulty, or should I say, consequence coming along for those out of synch to a certain degree?

LBs:  When you move into quantum, for instance, everything is of a much higher vibration, and that is when thought can truly shape. And so, as the vibration shifts and increases, the cells in the physical body are moving at a faster rate; in other words the entire body is less dense. Can you understand that?

Q: No. Are you saying that scientists looking at cells under a microscope will see faster action? Less density in terms of more light could get in?

LBs:  More light will come in, yes, but they will not see that because it will be at such a quantum level. It will be far below the neutron and the quark. It’s going to be at that quantum level where the vibrational changes will take place. And so the body will not be as dense.

Q:   And if the body is not as dense the conscious and subconscious may rub themselves the wrong way if they are not in concert?

LBs: As the body becomes more of the light, which is what happens when it becomes less dense, it becomes more aware, even if it’s not apparent. In other words, there will be a change in the way the brain is actually receiving information, but it will be so subtle it will not be easily explained, so it will be confusing to people who are not aware of..

Q:  Can you give us examples of why people will have discord? Why would receiving more light create that?

LBs:  Having more light is not what creates it, and it is not easy to explain in a term that will make good sense to you at this time, but let us say if we can give you an example; for instance, someone who is living on the planet in a day-to-day way with their actions coming basically almost all from programming, not any real conscious thinking about why they do what they do. They are reacting from programming. You understand how that works. As their vibration shifts to a higher vibration, they are going to receive information in a little different way. It may not be understood why they are receiving it in a different way, but it is because of this that their soul is able to communicate a little bit more, and so it becomes confusing to them. Say, for instance, they are a very religious bent, and they go to church every Sunday and they pray and follow all the rules of the literature and believe 100% in what they have been taught. As the vibration shifts, there is a little more light, and so a little doubt slips in because they begin to see things differently. As they see those things differently and begin to question, there becomes an inner conflict with the programming and an outer conflict with the family, because the family has not yet reached that point. Do you see?

It is the shift that has brought in the ability to see from a different perspective. And it will happen in many, many scenarios, because all entities will be affected in one way or another; but because each person is at a different vibrational level already, it will affect different people in a different way.

Even when someone becomes more and more conscious of what they are doing and the programing is not affecting their lives any longer, it does not necessarily mean it’s an easy path because every choice they make that is different than choices in the past is going to affect those around them , and that creates within itself a ripple effect. It’s much as someone who has an illness, say a chronic illness, and they begin to see a way to perhaps heal themselves, and they begin to get well. All of a sudden they recognize if they get well they’re going to lose the attention that they had been receiving, and so they slip back into the illness.

It’s very interesting how the human body, the human mind, can actually convince one of something that is totally not of benefit to them. Because of the way they have believed through culture, peers, and family they cannot make the change needed. It will be easier as the vibration changes for those that have that inclination, but there will be many that will simply become confused, and not be able to break those belief systems, and those are the ones who are going to have the most difficulty.

Q:   I’m concerned about the totalitarian regime in North Korea because of its nuclear weapons and wonder if a peace treaty will ever be signed or if the two Koreas will become unified again.

LBs:  They have a very unstable leader and there are many that are at the top that see the inability of this person to be a true leader. There could easily be a coup, an upheaval, an uprising against him if he continues to even remain in the position he is in. It’s a very, very unstable situation and it may well be that something there could change dramatically.

Q:   If it does, and the leadership is changed, would the probabilities then be for a toning down of the potential conflict between the Koreas, and maybe someday there would be a reunification?

LBs:  The cultures are extraordinarily different, so it would be very difficult for there to be, as you say, a reunification, but there certainly can be an ease of tension.

Q: Does the Chinese government truly feel most all of the South China Sea is theirs, and this is why they are so set on physically taking control of that area? Or is it from a general sense of a need to expand their resources that they are destabilizing the region?

LBs:   Let us say that there are some that are greedy it could not matter to them if it’s theirs now or not. They want it and they’re going to have it with their own methods. So it has little to do with should they feel it is theirs. It is simply something they feel at this time is what they need for their expansion. It has nothing to do with fairness.

Q: Are they of a mindset, like the US has been for many years, that they want to expand their power?  

LBs:  The leaders feel already that they are a superpower. They have a different way of looking [at things]. Their culture is very different than anyone else’s on the planet and there is a drive to become recognized as a power. Respect is extremely important to them, and they are wanting that more than, perhaps, even economic power. It is the respect that is the most important to them. And so they are going to do whatever it takes — to appear, at least — to become more congruent with the rest of the world; to obtain respect.

Q:  And by congruent you mean…?

LBs: To become more in the playing field of the rest, using the rules of the rest of the world. But in reality, that’s not really their culture. They need and want the respect, so they’re going to play the game so that they appear, at least, to behave in the way a true power would behave. 

Q:  Is there anything you want to say in closing to anyone anywhere?

LBs:   The earth is going through some enormous changes and so are the entities on the planet. And it is a time when there will be many who choose to leave. And there will be upheavals on many pockets of the planet because of the shifts that are going on. There is confusion when there are shifts because things are not as they appeared before, and there will be a lot of chaos within many regions because the leaders are having the same difficulties as any other entity would have, of seeing things not quite the way they’ve always seen them, and adjusting to this new shift, this new way of being. So the certainty that you would normally see in a politician may not be present any longer, and those that appear to be certain may be those very ones who have not made the shift yet, and may be the ones that step forward, but only for a short period of time.

So, if we really wanted to offer guidance through this period, we would encourage any entity to focus first within, and recognize the conflicts that may be going on there, and work on understanding that there are shifts going on. Fear does not need to be a part of that shift, that it is a natural evolution of your planet and of the entities present, and it is simply a matter of adjusting to a new way of being, that can in the future benefit all because it will be of an easier path for choices to be made from the conscious level. When one works from the conscious, then the outcome is always of benefit.



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