Consciousness and the Art of Knowing
a Channeled Light Beings Book

Light Beings Book Channeled on Consciousness, Knowingness, mind, body and spirit, social order

This channeled work is a challenge to our assumptions of what consciousness and spirituality truly are. Requiring courage and choice, it helps guide us into a more expansive way of living, aiming to reclaim childhood knowingness, and positively influence the world.

  Table of Contents

In 1989 Joyce received unexpected messages through automatic writing and eventually began an unconscious process with entities that called themselves “Light Beings”  that led to hundreds and hundred of readings both personal and for others who asked for guidance. Many times the entities indicated they had made contact with the channel to share information that had to do with the social order of the day and the possibilities of the human being overcoming many of the present difficulties in the culture, government, and family units by expanding the consciousness.

Joyce was recently awakened frequently in the middle of the night with dictated messages that have ultimately become this book on expansion of consciousness.   Much of the information is not new but is presented in a very clear and straight forward manner that grabs the attention.   The language is not flowery or obtuse, and sometimes even blunt in the effort to get a point across.   Some will find the information controversial, even objectionable; but regardless of the viewpoint of the reader if there is an open mind to the information it will not be possible to remain in the same psychological state as before.  It demands a certain amount of contemplation and the consequence can be one of positive change. It also makes it clear that a chosen path of expansion is not always the easy road, but ultimately worth the time, energy, and change it requires. And if enough people take the challenge it may be possible to truly see a positive change in the social order.

 Table of Contents

Forward by the Light Beings                          
A Journey into True Consciousness
     Energetic Change on the Planet
The Knowing                                                                            
The Evolution of Consciousness                                            
     Beginning of Separation                                               
     Birth of Reasoning                                                                  
     Beliefs and Reasoning                                                           
     Three Areas of Consciousness                                            
Expansion vs. Raising of Consciousness                             
     Expansion of Mind                                                                
     Integration of the Three Levels of Consciousness                
     Consciousness and Knowingness
     Life Contracts
     Change in Relationships
The Body
     Physical Pain
     The Body, Stress, and Consciousness
     Eating Consciously
     Do No Harm
     Small Steps Create Change
The Mind
     Limitations of Belief
The Spirit
     Power and Control vs. Doing No Harm
Love or Fear
     A Different Direction
     Examine Your Fears
Change and Cultural Beliefs
     Expansion of Consciousness Accelerates Change
     The Influence of External Energies
     Cultural Beliefs
     Discomfort of Change
     Intention Expands you
     Polarity and Choice
     Separateness and Power
     Eduction and Privilege
     Your Relationship with the Social Order
Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit
     Simple Steps
     Life Changes and Relationships
     Share Your Thoughts
     Growth in Relationships
Three Areas of Consciousness
     The Herd Instinct
     The Connection
     Reclaiming Your Childhood Knowingness
Doubts and Fears
     Questioning Change
     Confronting Doubts
The Journey
What is Consciousness?
     A Great Shift -- New Concepts
     Solitary Path
     Continued Expansion
About the Light Beings
About My Channeling
: Channeled Reading 9-13-2001