Simultaneously Ground, Energize and Balance
Your 7 Main Chakras
 Using Colored Light

Chakra Light Therapy for color balance using stained glass on all chakras at once; chakra healing product.The LBs have given lots of advice on the need to balance our energy fields because as the vibration continues to rise, our mental, emotional and physical bodies are more prone to compromise from daily stress. They suggest many ways to help relieve stress and unblock personal energy fields. Two somewhat simple and effective methods suggested by them that anyone can use at home are shown below, balancing all 7 chakras simultaneously with light. 

One way, is with a colored stained glass filter. You can energize and balance your main 7 chakras in 5-7 minutes. Easy to build, with 7 panes of cathedral glass and a 29x8 inch picture frame, it can be used by people 4'8" to 6'6" tall. So that all 7 colors cover your respective chakras simultaneously, hold the frame slightly closer or further from your body to expand or contract the light coverage. It is durable, and flexible. Use rubber channels, not soldering, to separate the glass panes and spring clips to secure them.  

Important: When using the colored light from the cloths or the stained glass, do so naked. The light needs to reach down to the skin so it can resonate not only the extended aura around you, but the etheric sheath, and touch the meridians.

The second way, COLORED CLOTHS are referred to frequently in the early group readings. What are these cloths and how are they being used?

Chakra Light Therapy / Balance & Energize 7 Main Chakras Simultaneously in 5 to 10 minutes with Stained GlassThe Light Beings suggested in 1997 that an inexpensive, easy way to help balance our body, mind, and emotional energies on a daily basis was to drape across our 7 primary chakra centers various colored cloths AT THE SAME TIME to benefit from the GROUNDING effect.

“Doing your colors” for 10 to 15 minutes every day is of benefit not only as a treatment for the imbalances you may feel physically, emotionally and mentally, but as a preventative maintenance tool to help support the integrity of the etheric sheath which stress also compromises. The procedure aids in overcoming your personal energy blocks so that your energy centers can better flow. Your cloths can be used alone or in concert with other balancing/energizing techniques such as meditation, toning, hands-on, controlled breathing, other sound therapy, etc. When our energies are more balanced, and as such more at ease emotionally and mentally it is easier to discover and attend to the stresses we all experience in our lives.

You may have heard of 'power naps' for 10 or fifteen minutes. This is a chakra-balancing nap; a double whammy, if you will.
You may notice you stay more centered and have more even energy afterwards; and if you are very sensitive you may begin to feel a restlessness or a vibrational effect when you have done the colors long enough, which is simply your body's way of saying you have had enough of the colors for now.

How to use: Drape strips of 100% cotton cloth or other natural fabric when you are unclothed over your body’s chakra centers as follows: Red over the Root Chakra (groin area), Orange over the Sacral Chakra (just below the navel), Yellow on the Solar Plexus Chakra ( just above the navel), Green over the Heart Chakra (heart area), Blue over the Throat Chakra (throat/neck), Violet over the Brow Chakra (forehead), and Magenta over the Crown Chakra (lay it above the top of the head). Use as much natural or full spectrum light as possible (although artificial light may be used) to enhance the pigment effect, without any other colors directly interfering. The cloths “should be as near to what you would call pure color as possible, as the artist would see it…You want it to be as clear as possible." - LBs

Most people find it easy and convenient to do this right after a shower, before dressing for the day, or before retiring at bedtime. Some people find it very relaxing and it helps them sleep, others find it better to do it in the morning because it energizes them. It will be up to you to find out what works best for you.

In a private reading in '02 the LBs speak about the cloths:

"What we are saying is that almost all entities have blocks in their physical body in one area or another due to their thought patterns, and to the toxic environment they live in. And so the energy does not flow as it should for a completely healthy body. Therefore, when you feel a heated area, you are feeling a block that could be of a psychological nature, or of a physical nature, or a mental nature, or even a combining of the three. And if it is of a combining, where the thought patterns have become so rigid that they have penetrated the etheric body, then it will be even more severe blockage. But when the energy begins to flow, there is a perceived heat that you may feel because the energy is moving at a different rate than it is throughout the rest of the body."

"And so it is a matter of when she puts the cloths on her body, the energy goes where it is most needed. AND EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE MADE IT CLEAR TO YOU THAT THE CLOTHS ARE NOT TO BE USED AS A CURE-ALL, they help get the energy flowing in a manner that then aids in the healing. And if you have any part of the body that is not functioning correctly, and you are sensitive enough to be aware of the energy flow, you will perceive it as heat."- LBs

Colored cloths can be easily obtained from a fabric store and should be 100% cotton. Cut them into strips 6” by 18” so they can be folded to personal size while still being draped from side to side across the body. Surging or hemming them will prevent unraveling. One sq. yard each of 7 different colors probably costs less than $50.00 and would make 6 full sets.] 

Refer to Light Beings’ Group Reading #5 for further information received on how the cloths can help to bring one’s personal issues (blockages) to conscious awareness.

Question:   "Many people have different feelings and beliefs about the particular colors used for cloth swatches, or what I call “Chakra Cloths”.  Some feel that violet, instead of fuchsia (or magenta, pink, etc) is appropriate for the crown chakra placement, and the definition of indigo is open to interpretation, as is the particular greens, reds, blues, etc. What exact colors are the adequate ones to use in placement?"

Light Beings:  "Let us explain to 
you why we recommended the cloths to you in the first place. You are dealing, again, with energy, with vibration. And so, we recommended the cloths because it covers a spectrum that you can see. You can even measure if you want to measure. And so all we were really concerned with was that you use colors starting with the lower frequencies and working your way up. And what you call the cloths is not important, as long as you are moving up in frequency.    

The reason that we chose fuchsia as opposed to violet - and either is perfectly acceptable of that higher vibration; but fuchsia carries more of the heart opening that is connected to the crown. And so, that has not been discussed very much at all in those that study chakras because the color of that between violet and pink did not exist [was not used] when chakras first were discussed. And so it does matter what you use, the violet or the pink - the fuchsia, as you call it; and it does not matter if you use an indigo-purple or an indigo-blue as long as it has that higher frequency than the last."            


DeLightful-7™ Chakra Balancing, Colored Light Therapy

Light is important when using the stained glass. A 12V Solux® MR-16 lamp has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 99+. This full spectrum “True Daylight” bulb is as close to noon sunlight as possible and is used by art museums, photographers, and light therapists, to enhance color. 

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For the bulb:   Prduct 35008 or 18008

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