Light Beings Group Channeled Readings and Messages  

These channeled Group Readings were open public discussions with the LBs.

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Light Beings Group Reading #1       9-13-2001
Did the 9-11 tragedy have to happen?
Group Energies and Mass Consciousness
Fear or Love; Emotions and Ego; Soul and Ego Balance
Vibrational Healing and the influences of Color
Techniques to help Overcome Personal Fear
Appreciating the difference between the Mind, Soul, and Ego experiences

Light Beings Group Reading #2      10-11-01
Music as a portal to feeling Oneness        
Reincarnation, Remembering, Pre-incarnation, and Walk-ins
Thoughts: cumulative energy that can be felt
Fear driven thoughts and how to counteract fearful moods
Choosing when to Transition (die)
The Power of Thought and Emotion Combined
Offering Color to Heal Darkness
Polarization and Learning in this 3rd Dimension

Light Beings Group Reading #3       10-25-11   
The Energy Fields of Color, Sound and Thought
The Soul’s Purpose and fear
Group Consciousness and 7th Dimensional Reality
Grounding and keeping Chakra Energy balanced to promote Health

Light Beings Group Reading #4       11-08-01   
Personal Spirit Guides
8 Ways to Balance your Chakras and why
It’s All Connected: Divas –Angels – Fairies and Energy
Discernment, Openness and Unconditional Love
Time: the Collective Illusion on the Earth Plane
Choosing your fears

Light Beings Group Reading #5       12-06-01   
Chakra-balancing Cloths; How to use and Why
How Spiritualists can Negotiate the Universe’s Rising Vibrational Rates
Why Healers need Protective Filters, not barriers that separate.

Light Beings Group Reading #6        1-05-2002 
Spirit Guides
Trauma / a Child’s Perception / Emotional Charge / Clearing
Ego – Soul Balance on the earth plane
Pure Intent
Offering the Energy of Visualized Color to others: Pink, Gold and White
Energetic Bodies which make up the Aura
Sound and music used to raise one’s vibration

Light Beings Group Reading  #7         2-28-02
Group Energies: interacting with others
Personal energetic barriers and openness: discerning the difference
Living with no expectations
How personal energies  influence the social order
Using subtle energies to help balance and ground ego and soul.

Light Beings Group Reading #8         3-14-02    
Practicing and employing unseen energies
Chaos and personal confusion in professional areas
Healing: helping cellular changes accommodate the vibrational shift
The Soul’s ‘base’ and its expansion
Kinesthetic or muscle testing
What blocks our passions?

Light Beings Group Reading  #9        3-28-02   
Crystal Children; the next generation: remembering, lowering the veil of forgetfulness, better adjusting to the rising vibration
Visualizing color & transmuting others’ energies. Lowering energetic blocks/ barriers.
Identifying personal issues blocking chakras
Disappointment as a gift while on your soul’s chosen path.
“You are your energy centers.”
 Ego and self-identity

Light Beings Group Reading  #10       4-11-02    
Group Egos
Visualizing gold light to better communicate with others
Healers offering light to offset others’ fears
Music and the Heart Chakra
7 chakra-colored cloths: subtle energies affecting vibration of the body

Light Beings Group Reading #11       4-25-02
Vibrational Shift
Rituals, Divas
How to move forward on a spiritual quest
The Child’s fearful Point of View influencing the adult POV
Managing your energies on a daily basis
Pure Intent needed when receiving/channeling information
Sound as therapy
Sound pollution affecting  a child’s brain and nervous system
Sound pollution: ADHD and addiction

Light Beings Group Reading #12          6-6-02
Feeling Chakras
Chakras: contraction and expansion
Chakras in Children
Energetic chords and codependency
Blue and Green light and empaths
The physical body and thought energy
The Brain and physical body’s soulful functionality
Ego residing within the Mental Body
The Aura – Soul Connection
Chaos Theory: Spiritual, cellular evolution and growth
Slow down; time is needed to assimilate spiritual, physical changes

Light Beings Group Reading #13          6-20-02
Empathy and contracted energy
Techniques for opening Chakras
Energy Shift’s symptoms: sleep interruptions, irritable emotions, lack of energy
Creating space for spirit during personal dramas
What is enlightenment?
Healing energies affecting both giver and receiver
The ethics of offering visualized light to others
 Pure Intent
Thoughts, viewpoint, and intuition differentiated
Chakras and the meridians
The Monroe Institute
Working with the dream state’s symbols
The Mental Body’s magnetic resonance and the brains electrical firings.

Light Beings Group Reading #14          7-04-02
Feeling the energy flows of others
Intention affecting electrical gadgets around you
Earth’s vibrational changes creating stress on the physical body
The need to balance your EMF with light, color and sound
How big is your energy field?
Healers’ and clients’ responsibilities
The importance of not trying to manage another’s field
Where is memory stored?
Love, fear and attachment to outcome
Fear and energy drains
Dissolving blocks: accepting responsibility for one’s reactions
Only you can take (give) your power away
Setting the stage to receive information: fishing with allowance and pure intent

Light Beings Group Reading #15          7-18-02
Early life perception and the creation of patterned reactive codes
Accessing and releasing fears; ‘becoming’ them
Choosing your pets
Absorbing the vibrations of colors you see through your entire field
Intuition working through the mental and feeling fields
The importance of clear, pure intent when asking for information

Light Beings Group Reading #16        8-1-02
Earth Dramas’ tensions like a Seinfeld comedy
Feng Shui
Long Distance healing, computers
Local Group Healing: pros/cons
Scalar Waves: positive effect on energy field
Sound and vibration, personal frequencies, affecting health
Healing with sound requires working with one’s personal resonant tone
Clearing personal energy using various tones such as tuning forks
Animals and pets: unconditional love, group consciousness
Ingesting the fear of slaughtered animals

Light Beings Group Reading #17
Earth Plane vibrations
Egyptian Pyramids: Who built them, why and teleportation
Alien integration and cellular memory
Egyptians healing with sound and color
Your energetic bodies: grounding with salt baths
The Etheric Field and its fingerprint
The Etheric Sheath rapidly displaying colors of the emotional state
The Causal Field: former lives’ strong unresolved energies
Allopathic medicine treating symptoms, not cause of disease
MDs opening to new, alternative therapies

Light Beings Group Reading #18      8-29-02
Joining with another’s energy
Opening the heart to connect to your guides
Fear requires thought, and unplugs one from the Source
Overcoming your fears of transition
Why the Light Beings work with the social order (9\
Peaceful coexistence; what it requires

Light Beings Group Reading #19       9-12-02
Christopher Tims’ nonjudgmental communication
Quantum physics, perception and judgment
Love and the Universal Flow
How to help create World Peace
Visualizing pink, white and gold light to help dissipate fear
The power of Words and their Vibrations
Past Lives
Opening one’s day with Gratitude

Light Beings Group Reading #20        9-16-02
Sound as Therapy; feel good, center and relax
Centering defined
The energy of Thought
Ascension Attitudes: praise, gratitude and love; employing them.
Aura Graphs and reading auras; pros and cons.

Light Beings Group Reading #21       10-10-02
Christopher Tims’ teachings; non-judgment, universal divinity
Where does the colored light we envision come from?
Intent and manifestation
Suggested publications for introduction to color therapy
Christopher Tims’ “Opening the Gates” workshop
1Tims’ tuning forks; clearing, washing, cleansing chakras
Blue, followed by Salmon colored light being anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory
Healing hands
Light Beings’ desire to help expand human consciousness

Light Beings Group Reading #22       10-23-02
Intro: Toning for easy, quick balance
Employing visualized Gold light
The Mind’s misreading or misinterpretation of threats
Human energy fields exhibit the entire spectrum of color all the time
Protecting oneself with visualized light
Past Lives; energy, memories, when it’s important to know
Animals and plants; extermination and karma
Crystals and Vibrational Medicine; effective, natural healing
Atlantean Crystals
Techniques to help open group meetings; why to use
Healing energy and open hearts
Healing energy. What is it?
Anger management and the Universal Mirror

Light Beings Group Reading #23       11-07-02
Benefits of Toning 7 times
Necessity of personally resonating with a health practitioner
Spirit Guides
Expect your life to be easy!
Free Will
Healing energy; is it always present?
Receiving Information from the Source for personal benefit
Anger:  Energetic Codes, alleviating and coping
Aliens from space
Longevity and Health: Empowering and non-empowering Thoughts affect  DNA

Light Beings Group Reading #24       11-21-02
Earth plane ‘Shift’
Perfect Balance between Ego and Soul
Being Conscious of Thoughts
Thought with Attached Emotion affects the Body
We Identify with our Thoughts and Emotions
Living in the “Now”; thought without emotional charge  
Prenatal Emotion and Pre-verbal Thought
Incarnational energetic emotional baggage: learning to dismiss or release
Living in the Present, why it’s healthy for you
Is it true? Processing, releasing emotions
Where do our thoughts come from?
Songs, lyrics and musical hooks
Chakra rotations and color changes
Chakras and trauma
Chakras in the womb or after death
A Soul’s Incarnational Choices utilize DNA, Heredity and Environment
Healing Energy: what is given is also received

Light Beings Group Reading #25       1-1-2003
Unconscious intentions and love
Love, war and conflict
What Peace requires
Being” and non-verbal expression
Reaching for your Heart’s Desire
Choice: conscious vs. unconscious
Questioning our beliefs
Being "Safe”: beliefs and the mind
Visualized colors – already present or created by mind?
Spiritual “muscle”
Do the Light Beings desire to be physical?
Predictions and psychics
Fear and attraction
The benefits of belief
Impatience and perception
Tools of personal change
Find your own truth

Light Beings Group Reading #26       1-16-03
What are ‘Earth Rules’?
How does one ‘Ground’?
Child and parent energetic communication
A Soul’s Essence: Light and Sound
Music helping one transition (die)
Contacting your Guides. Who are they?
The Universal Mirror of yourself
Confidence and expressing who you are.
Electromagnetic Fields’ Influence on Health and Emotions.
Joy and Health
Dietary Changes during Earth’s Vibrational Rise
Urgency and Fear

Light Beings Group Reading #27
Introduction:  Toning helping groups of people open
Dodecahedrons, Platonic Solids, Tuning Forks
Mononucleosis: Causes, crystal bowls and music for healing
Personal objects “lost and found” again.
Intention and Manifestation
The Lessons derived from Fear
Benefits derived from Trusting the Goodness of the Universe
Light Beings’ Purpose and Teaching Tactics.
Increasing Vibration and sensitivity to chemicals and preservatives, etc. in foods

Light Beings Group Reading #28       3-13-02
Feeling the Elemental Energies such as wood, earth, air, etc.
Spontaneous Healing
Our sense of ‘Security’.
The need to Consciously Choose our Thoughts.
‘Peace’ and our perception of it.
Emotions defined
The Thought-Emotion Connection
Perceiving the Colors of others’ Energy Fields
The Dense Nature of Personal Energy Fields
6th Dimension Characteristics
Astral Plane
What is ‘Energy’?
Does energy contract, or do we merely block it?
The Earth Plane school of Duality
The Transitioning process (dying)
How Auras and Dimensional Energies meld
Do Light Beings have beliefs?
Can one become codependent on their guides?

Light Beings Group Reading #29       4-10-03
How are memory and perception confused?
What major factors influence human responsive behavior?
Patterns, old tapes, and walking the spiritual path
A technique to help ground one when they are emotionally upset
The Giza Pyramid: Was it used for healing, power generation or transmission?
The dangers of exposure to ordinary electromagnetic forces and sound waves  
Using the subtle energies of light, color and sound to rebalance the physical and mental bodies and help 
    offset sound/EMF pollution.
Is Krishna God?
What is the main reason everyone incarnates?
Allowing time for one’s vibration to rise.
Sound and color affecting one’s vibratory rate.
The difference between expanding one’s heart and consciousness
Hallucinogenic drugs and raising one’s consciousness
Plants’ energies
What makes for a good herbalist?

Light Beings Group Reading #30       5-08-03
Ego: more than just a personality aspect; benefits and risks
Other dimensions: easiest time to contact
Unconditional Love and discernment
Discernment and a balanced lifestyle
Unconditional Love and society’s rules
Ego’s confusion of physical attraction with the Soul’s feelings
Is Unconditional Love “acceptance”?
Conditional Thought.
Unconditional Love and other life forms
The Emotional Body and Unconditional Love
Native Americans, Shamans
Golden mean, 28,000 year cycle, DNA, Change in global Consciousness

Light Beings Group Reading #31       6-05-2003
Spirituality and Joy; the need to Ground
The Causal Plane and its emotional patterns: past and present life emotional reactive patterns
GDV and BEFE machines; reading and balancing the auric emf fields
Clearing one’s fearful emotional patterns. Using subtle energy devices
Is it always necessary to understand why emotional patterns persist in order to clear them?
Hearing your own ‘Song’: getting in touch with your energetic sound
Mental Illness defined, qualified
Why judging any human being is futile
Emotional states that survive physical death
Souls learn their own lessons
Joy, Gratitude and Forgiveness

Light Beings Group Reading #32       4-01-2004
Appreciating cultural differences around the world  
Can one walk a political spiritual path?
Sai Baba
What types of water help the body adjust to the rising vibration?
Balancing chakras to help integrate aspects of ‘self’ and remember essence.
Connecting the Soul’s essence; other times, places, lives
How does one know when this lifetime is in balance with others?
Modern world challenge: finding your essence while the vibration rises
Significance of Mayan, Toles, and Aztec calendars
Density and the expansion universes
Changing one’s self can influence others
What is ‘Love’?
Humanity’s need to label everything: good or bad?

Light Beings Group Reading #33       5-06-04
The power of Intention: the most important ingredient in a Healing Modality
The concept of Evil: its origin
Ungrounded people creating electrical interference in their vicinity
What chooses life’s purpose, ego or soul?
A Soul’s agenda: being-ness of Spirit
Joy vs. Happiness
Manifesting on the earth plane
Gandhi, Martin Luther King, difficult lives.

Light Beings Group Reading #34       6-03-04
You can be your car
Opening yourself to Universal information
Fear and health; longevity
UFOs, Mexico City, timelines of perception, visitors from the future, alien relics from the future
Psychics, predictions and probabilities
Changing ones past
Emotional energies and thoughts that leave their imprint on the land
Changing male/female vibrations on the earth
Choosing an early death. Why, when the soul needs to expand?
Joy further defined

Light Beings Group Reading #35       7-01-04
Spiritual blocks and responsibility
When one’s energy and words conflict. Mirrors
Thoughts vs. Knowingness
Karma and why forgetfulness is necessary

Light Beings Group Reading #36       8-05-04
Earth changes affect the physical body. How to adjust with Light, color, sound.
Discernment when feeling another’s feelings
The Tapping Technique
Manifesting through Pure Intent and feeling
Pure Intent defined
When a person feels a need to control you, and how best to respond
Light: what truly feeds the cellular energy
Quantum-biology and photons
om Bearden and free energy device
Judgment: Light and Dark energies
The fearful viewpoint and catastrophic events

Light Beings Group Reading #37       9-02-04
Earth changes concerning male/female energetic balance
Crop Circles
Water changing its structure to conform to one’s intent.
Lumeria, Hawaii, energy vortex, re-awakening
Florida Hurricane, collective energies, gold and white light
Humanity’s need to name things and how it creates separativeness


Light Beings Group Reading #1               9-13-2001        

(When Joyce goes into channel, she always centers with these thoughts in mind: “I surround myself and the group with the Christ Consciousness, the white light from within, and from without, and I ask that my personality and my ego step aside so that I may be a clear channel, a clear vehicle, for information to come through from the highest source possible.  I ask that the information that comes through be of benefit for any who read or hear it, and I give gratitude in advance for the information that we receive.”)

Moderator:   Today is Thursday, September 13, 2001, and this is our first really big group meeting.  Good evening, Light Beings.

Light Beings: Good evening.

Moderator:  We’re glad to have you here today.  Would anyone here like to ask the first question?

Question #1:  Is there any particular topic or thing that you wanted to discuss?

LBs: It would probably be of benefit for everyone for there to be a simple introductory question of a type that would be of interest to you.  It is quite possible that some here are a little bit uncomfortable with this.  It will give them a few minutes to adjust to the energy.  But we would like to bring our good tidings to you and tell you that we are very happy to have this group joining, because it will create a field that is more powerful than one or two, and will give us the opportunity to give you some information that perhaps each of you can take with you, and be able to use in your lives on a day-to-day basis. But also, it will give us the opportunity to give you some information that can be used in the healing of your planet. So we are most happy to work with you and look forward to your questions.  Do not hesitate to ask anything that comes to your mind. It is usually something that can be of importance to all.  Usually, when one asks a question it stimulates and creates an opening for another, and another until the energy is built, and then information can come through that will be of importance to the whole.

[Short silence]

LBs:     Well, it is quite obvious that there is on many of our minds the tragedy that you have experienced in your country this week. And so, why do you not ask something that would be relevant to you in that situation and perhaps it will open up, then, the energy for you to be able to understand some of the happenings of this week.

Q2:  Since there are no accidents in human endeavors, let alone physical endeavors, why on a macro scale did this drama have to happen?

LBs:     It did not “have to happen,” as you have put it. It certainly could have been avoided.  But it is one of the many dramas that will play its self out in the next several years for those who are participating to learn the difference between fear and love.  You are going to find that there is going to be some polar opposites of expression during this particular period.  There will be groups that will rally from fear and will react with fear, and those groups will experience this entire drama totally different than those who are responding with love.  Those who are responding with love, even though there may be pain and loss, will grow in their consciousness in a way that would never have been possible in a mundane, day-to-day living experience.  This will allow them to open and to understand something about the greater whole and about the One Source that they never would have been able to even contemplate before this great drama that has happened. 

            So, it is of each individual’s choice to decide whether they are going to react from a mode of fear or react with love, and with that choice, [they] will make a great difference in how the rest of their incarnation will play out.  Those who choose the path of fear will draw to them, and into their energy field, more experience of like kind, perhaps not the same drama, but one that can be equally devastating in both loss of the body, and a psychological loss.  They will be given the opportunity to understand that polar opposite.  Unless one has experienced the opposite, it is very difficult to understand the idea of unconditional love.  And so, many times an entity will decide to incarnate and experience fear at its fullest.  And because the vibrational level is shifting on the planet, the experiences must be of a greater momentum, and are happening at a greater pace, and on a greater scale to allow the many to experience what is needed for their growth.

Q3:  How can we use color in response to what happened on Tuesday?

LBs:     Color is a very powerful healer because of its vibrational rate.  And there are many times that you can use color through visualizing, and it can carry a great distance. In this particular case, there can be several colors that can help with the healing. The first color that can be used is simply that of the pink unconditional love, a pale pink. Surround the entire city in that color.  And then send a great ball of green to help heal the bodies and the minds, Because ultimately, after this entire situation has somewhat subsided, there is going to be a great need for a healing of the mind, because it has been a kind of vision seen that will be very difficult for those who were actually there to be able to detach from, and move forward.  So the green will help to heal both the mind and the body.  And then you might send a band of indigo around the entire city to give them the will that is needed to move forward and to rebuild. 

            So, those three colors will be of great help.  And then, if you want to concentrate on the actual workers and those who are still trapped, send them pure light so that they may see what is needed to be done, so they may see where to move, and how to move for the most expedient removal of the debris, and to save those lives who are yet there waiting to be rescued.

Q4:  Can we help the terrorists who committed the act with color and prayer?

LBs:     This is one of the great lessons that is going to be learned from this experience.  Those who choose love over the fear mode can choose the color of gold to surround each of the people who have this great hatred within their hearts to have caused them to make the complete chaos they have created.  So, if you can surround both the countries and the peoples that have this energy they are carrying with a golden light, it will help to diminish.  And then immediately send pink, a little darker pink than you would be sending to the city of New York [and Washington DC].  And that will help open them to a different kind of energy than they are now experiencing.

            The idea of sending color is one that goes back to the very early beginnings of this planet, when the peoples of Atlantis and Lemuria were--. Before they became so highly technical, they used the lights and the colors.  And so, many of you who were living during that period still have that knowledge, and if you will quiet yourselves when you are feeling the need to send color to someone, you will find that you will see the exact right color within you and be able to send it.  So do not be fearful that you will send the wrong color because you will be able to sense within yourselves what is right for a particular individual.  And it can be used very locally or it can be used at a great distance.

Q5:  How does one know when one is sending a color that they are being successful in their efforts?

LBs:     What you must realize is that if you send the vibration out, the signal is there, the energy is there, and it can surround the area you are sending the light to.  But it is also possible that if the soul of that particular person so desires, they can refuse to receive the color.  So, it is not something that you can force upon another entity.  But many times, even those who are living in fear are open to being healed, are open to being helped, and so, they will receive without even realizing that the vibrational energy is coming through to them.  So, if you meditate and, with pure intent send the color, it many times is received without the entity’s knowledge, or without the group’s knowledge, but it is being received none-the-less.

Q6:  Does one need to ask permission of the soul of the entity one is sending the color to before doing so?

LBs:     Any time that one sends energy with a pure intent, whether it be color or the healing energy that one is capable of sending through the hands, it can be received or rejected by the receiver.  So you do not need to concern yourself about doing something without their permission.  That is not the same as trying to get information about them, or trying to force your thoughts on them.  That is different.  You are simply putting out the energy, and they have every right to reject if they so desire.

Q7:  I’m sure there are any numbers of ways, specifically love or fear, that people can react to the events that transpire. Is there the possibility of something like this either escalating or subsiding or does it depend on how we react? 

LBs:     As we said, there are going to be two groups of people who are going to react in totally different ways.  You are going to have some who are going to react with fear, and so they are going to behave in a manner of diminished power.  They are going to build more fear, and they are going to cause barriers to be built that are going to stop some of the growth that could transpire from taking place.  And so, it is very difficult at this time to know exactly how that will play itself out, because those who are coming from a place of love are going to be able to shine their light and, in so doing, may be able to counteract much of the fear.  But it is very difficult for either group to be successful in their projections of these energies in the way that they would like to because both are working almost in a counterbalance. So it will be an individualized kind of thing. Each individual will make that choice.  Each of you here will make that choice, whether you are going to come from fear, concerning yourself about whether the economies are going to fall apart, whether there are going to be more of these kinds of terrorist acts, or whether there is going to be a great world war.  You can bring many of these fears to you, and when you do that, remember that you are responsible for that energy that you are going to be releasing out into the planet.  Or you can make the choice of unconditional love, recognizing that the entities who choose to do such a horrific thing to other entities have their own destiny, their own path that they have chosen, and your choice of unconditional love can perhaps offset or slow down some of the powerful fear energy that they have created.  And in so doing, you may be able to literally divert some things that could transpire, things that would escalate the tearing apart and rebuilding that are happening on the planet at this point. 

            And there is much of this going on in many pockets.  This [WTC drama] has been one that has been brought to the forefront because it was of such a dramatic effort and there was such a large loss of lives, so that it truly got everyone’s attention throughout your entire planet.  But there are many of these dramas going on in a smaller version, and they will continue to do so, giving people the chance to make these choices of fear or love.  And that truly is much of what this entire drama is about.  So, see if you can see a larger perspective. It is not about just the individuals who chose to leave in this particular drama. It is not about the individuals who made the decision to create the drama. It is about each of you and what you choose to do with the drama.  Do you understand? 

            If you react with love, you are automatically expanding your consciousness and creating an energy field that expands and touches others.  If you get into a group of people, as you are doing this evening, and react with love, it is much as your quantum physics, or your hundredth monkey syndrome.  It expands a hundred-fold, so it is much, much more powerful.  So by getting with those of like mind, those souls who want to expand on a spiritual level, you will be able to send out energy to the leaders of the country so that they may make decisions that are based on love and not fear. 

            That does not mean that there will not be some correction for what has been done, because if you bring a child into the world and you are the parent, you are expected to spend a certain amount of time correcting, but with love.  And so, there is a way to correct what has happened, and to make sure that the entities that are responsible are brought into a situation and are--It is very difficult to explain this in your words, in your English, because these entities that created this drama, from the ones who drew the plans up, who conceptualized it, to the pilots who carried out the final drama, each of them made a conscious choice to live in fear. They made a choice to use control of others instead of allowing others to experience their own being.  So, as a parent, our leaders must correct this kind of thinking, this kind of abuse to their fellow man.  

            So, we are not saying that if you come from a place of unconditional love nothing should be done.   We are saying that by combining your energies with unconditional love and sending this energy to the leaders, they can then react in a way that can correct the situation, can take the guilty parties and correct what has happened. Obviously, they cannot undue what has happened, but correct this path of fear so that the entire globe is brought into a more unified way of looking at things, way of dealing with things.  And it will then become apparent to those who think, as these particular people thought, that they can no longer be successful with their threats, and their methods of fear.  But this is going to take a lot of work from a lot of people who are coming from love, for the leaders to be able to see how to develop that kind of plan, that kind of punishment.

Q8: In Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch, he talks about in the afterlife, where the soul has a chance to review from the perspective of everybody that he has impacted, and see what the effects of all his actions were on other people, and he said the purpose of that was not to bring a soul to justice, but to bring a soul into awareness.

LBs:     That is absolutely correct. And that is what we are saying unconditional love can do, is through that energy, the leaders of this country and of other countries, through the appropriate actions, can make others conscious of a different way of handling inappropriate action, action that is not of benefit to others.

Q9:  Who is responsible for what happened on Tuesday?

LBs:     Everyone who lives on the planet is responsible for what happened on Tuesday, because enough fear was built that it was allowed to manifest in this type of action.  And it is everything from as simple as how you treat your grocery clerk, to how you answer your child’s question, to how you treat your co-worker. Because every single thought that each entity allows to leave the energy field has a destination.  And so, it has been something that has been building, and building, and cannot be blamed upon one person or one group.  It could never have happened if everybody was coming from love.  And each person on the planet experiences, at one time or another in their lifetime, fears of one type or another, some greater than others. Some play it out in a different way.  But it must be understood that each soul is responsible for their thoughts and that thought creates a certain kind of energy.  And when enough [fear] energy is built, then there will be either natural disasters or disasters created by those who are living in fear.

Q10:  Mass consciousness determines everything?

LBs:     Correct.  That is why it is so important to understand group energy and individual energy, and how very important the family unit energy is, because that ripples out to everything in the community and then the community ripples out to statewide, to nationwide, to worldwide.  So it is so important that you understand your part in the ripple effect.

Q11:     You’ve discussed that love and fear are energies that can not exist at the same time within the same person. Either one blocks the other emotion out.  Is that accurate?

LBs:     That is accurate. You cannot feel fear and feel love at the same time.  But you notice we say “feel,” which is somewhat different than emotion.  Anger is an emotion created by fear.  Do you see that difference?  So when someone reacts, and does something as devastating as fly a plane into a building and kills thousands and thousands of people, they ultimately came from a fear place. And the way they manifested it was through flying the plane into the building. They were filled with what they perceived as hate for the people of the United States.  So it gets sometimes difficult to understand that fear is not truly an emotion, it is something that is coming from the soul . . . or not from the soul, but from the . . . keeping the soul from being in touch with itself, with its essence.

Q12:  What is the best way to combat fear and to embrace love?

LBs:     There are techniques, and there are other ways of doing it other than just techniques.  One of the best ways for one to be able to satisfy that balance-- We would like to say that first, before we get into answering your question, that it is very important to understand “ego” and what that is about on your earth plane, on the dense plane here.  The ego is a necessary part of your being. It is of your personality.  It is what keeps you from walking in front of a bus.  It is what keeps you from doing many, many things that could be harmful to your body or to your mind, or even harmful to your soul.  But many times what happens is that the ego becomes so strong that it will not allow the soul to speak.

Q13:  How do you define “ego”?

LBs:     The ego is the part of you that talks. It is very difficult to explain in words.  Let us see if we can explain it in the context of perhaps a picture.  The ego is the shell that protects one from being bruised.  It is like your helmet and your football gear that you might wear when you are playing football.  It is not the part that makes the decisions to run the goals. It is just the part that is protecting.  That is what the ego is supposed to do, protect.  And what happens many times is that fear steps in and the ego misinterprets.  And this happens many times when you are a very young being.  Something happens to you. You do not interpret it correctly. You interpret it from a fear place and that becomes a pattern within your life, so that every time something even similar to that happens, your ego steps in and says, “No, no, no! That can’t happen.”  And so, the fear builds on itself because the ego is trying to protect. 

            The soul does not feel the need to protect the body, but the ego does.  The soul is interested in expansion, whatever it takes to expand, to expand your consciousness and help you remember that you are One.  That is the soul’s mission.  The ego’s mission is to try to keep you intact, so that your body can stay on the dense planet.  Your ego does not go with you when you leave the planet.  Does that help you understand? (Yes)

Moderator:  Can we take a break right now?  It has been half an hour.

LBs:     Before we take a break, I would like to get back to the question so that we can have some continuity on this thought of what to do to be able to help replace fear with love.  One of the things that is very difficult on your planet is listening to the soul because of so much stimulation that comes from the outer world.  And so, one of the ways to be able to bring in love and replace the fear is through meditation and/or prayer.  Either of those, listening to God or talking to God, will help center you and help you understand that you are one with the entire universe.  And even if you can only sense that in small segments such as seconds, it will help you push the fear away and bring in the love.  

            Another method that is helpful is using the colors.  It is almost impossible to feel fear when you are meditating on pink light, white light, or gold light.  Try that sometime and you will see it is almost impossible.  Deep breathing is also another way for centering. And once you begin to learn to breathe correctly and allow the breath to become your focus, you will find also it can bring a centering.  And when you are centered, fear is not present because you are at one.  So, those are three methods that can be used, and are used frequently, for one to be able to center and remove the fear.  

            Another way that is not recognized many times but can be used to remove fear is simply to help someone else.  Forget your ego and let your soul speak to another.  And this can be in so many ways that you probably could spend the rest of the evening listing them. But for each of you individually, you know yourself what you can give to another.  But to give without you expecting anything at all in return is one of the greatest and easiest ways to remove fear, and that is part of what you are going to see happening around the country because of what happened in New York.  People are going to sense the need to help others in a way they have not before and, in so doing, move from that place of fear to that place of love.  Try it, and you may be very surprised how easy [it is].  The next time you find yourself irritated, or fearful, or angry, if you will simply find a way quickly to do something for another entity without thought of any kind of return, you may find the fear completely disappearing.  Does that help you in any way?

Q:  Very much.  Thank you.

LBs:     If you would like now, we can take your break.


LBs:     Welcome back. 

Q14:  Question concerning adult son being fearful for his body, his life and lacking direction.

LBs:     This particular entity came to this incarnation with a lot of creativeness, a lot of ability to create something different, something unusual.  And in so doing, it put him in a position as a child of being different. He felt that difference and he did not understand what was creating this difference in him.  He didn’t feel the same way other boys felt, he didn’t have the same robustness of nature; there was a gentleness inside him that he did not understand because he did not see it mirrored with others.  And so, it built this internal questioning of who he was or what he was and why he was different. And that is what the basis; the core of his fear is about.

            There are two things that you can do that, perhaps, can help open and move him forward, and away from this deep-seated fear.  You, yourself, mirror for him sometimes the fear. And so, if you can replace your fears for him with simple unconditional love for him, and show him in ways of acceptance, that will be of great benefit to him.  There is another thing that you can possibly do, if he is willing, and he may not be, because there is a love for you, but he still feels somewhat estranged from everyone in the family because of this internal difference he feels. If you could draw out of him what his deep-seated interests or dreams might have been as a child, you may sense what could help him follow a different direction or find his path now, because he shut down at about the age of seven and has not allowed those dreams to develop. And that, again, is a part of that fear, because there is that unconsciousness, that deep-seated desire that he keeps pushing away.  So, if you could open conversation in a casual way, but allow him to remember his dreams, it would be helpful to him. He is of a good soul.  The fear has not built anything within him that would cause him to do things of detriment to others--not intentionally. So that does not need to be a concern for you.

Q15:      What is my life work, and should I stay here or move?

LBs:     You are the impatient one, are you not?

Q16:       Yes, [group laughter] I think two years is a long time.  Yes, I am.

LBs:     It is the blink of an eye, two years is.  You have the same difficulty that this entity we work through has--you want it now.  And it takes centuries, sometimes, for one small movement forward.  We are not saying it is going to take you centuries, so do not feel that’s what we are saying.  But we are saying you are building a foundation at this time, block by block, with your learnings, and from your pain and your discomfort, because there was an ego that needed to be addressed. 

            You had a very capable way of dealing in the world, the mundane world, and when you decided to make a different way for yourself, the ego fought you tooth and nail and did things that your soul could not quite overcome.  You did not listen carefully many times.  But there were great learnings, and you are now building a foundation of great strength.  And when you move forward on your path you are going to find that the experiences you have had in the past few years are going to be used as tools. And those that you are going to bring into your field to work with are going to have similar difficulties, similar experiences. And you will be able to move them forward at a more rapid pace than you were able to move because you will be able to open them to an understanding, open them to understand their purpose.  And part of your mission is to help an entity move forward, and understand, and get in touch with their essence, their creativeness, their ability to manifest. 

            You do not have all of the tools yet to understand exactly how to move forward with your mission, but that will be forthcoming.  And it will start happening rather rapidly, because you are going to start bringing in the right kind of contacts, the right kind of circumstances, that will help you build that foundation very quickly now.  So, if you can find the patience for a few more months of uncertainty and be open to whatever is brought to you and whoever will come into your field, listen.  Because there will be many things that will be useful, in both the encounters and the experiences, in helping you move forward and seeing clearly what your life’s pattern will be from this point on.

            It is sometimes difficult for us to explain to you why you cannot move forward at a more rapid rate, or be more specific.  But if we get into specific details about what you are planning in your destiny, or have planned for your destiny, it tends, we have found, to make one miss many things, because you tend to put a blinder on and move forward in that direction that your ego has decided is best for you. So confusion, sometimes, is the best thing until you can get enough experience and enough learning. Then it is more like the onion, you begin to peel away all of the things that you don’t need, and get to the core. And then the natural movement forward will just happen.  So, patience is a part of what you are learning. Flowing is a part of what you are learning.  And listening to the soul instead of the ego is the greatest lesson. 

            When we speak of “ego,” we are not speaking of it in your Freudian terms or even in your Jungian terms; we are speaking of it in the terms of the part of you that is of the dense planet, the part of you that protects and moves you forward in the denseness of the planet.  You see, your soul can move forward without the body, but the ego cannot manifest without the body.  Is this comforting at all for you, or are you still sitting there tapping your foot?

Q:          Yes, [group laughter] it’s affirming.  Thank you.

Q17:       In silence there is a tone that I hear in my head.   I’d like to know what that is.          

LBs:      We have talked about color tonight and the vibrational ability to heal with color.  The other very powerful method of healing is with sound.  And you have the ability to learn about methods of healing with sound.  And you are getting this tone because this can begin to heal you and direct you, and from that you are going to expand, or can expand, with other methods of using sound to help others.  Open your heart to this sound, and see if you can let the voice project what you are hearing, quietly at first, in your own privacy.  But then, once you are comfortable with this sound, use this with someone that you trust, and let them feel the effect.  The feedback will be very beneficial to you because you will then realize that this is a very powerful tool that you have been given.  And it can be expanded into healing in many different ways for many different people.  So, it is something that you could open to learn more about, and find a great joy in the sharing.

Q18:  Is there any other way to use that sound rather than my voice?  The sound is such a high pitch, I’m not sure I can even make that sound with my voice.  Is there another way?

LBs:     You may want to investigate tuning forks and see if you resonate with those.  There are several people that are in the United States presently that have done research and work with tuning forks and have been very successful with that.  You may find that the sound you are hearing resonates and the tuning forks may be a very natural way for you to experience this sound.

Q:  Thank you.

LBs:     We still would like for you to use your voice also.  And we realize that you are very uncomfortable with that at this time.  Practice in the shower.

[Group laughter]

Q19:    When I connect to myself inside, the feelings come first and then the thoughts follow.

LBs:      That is correct.  People think that the thought comes first and then the feeling, but that is not the case--not when the soul is speaking.  But when the ego is speaking, many times the thought first comes and then the emotion.  So that is the difference between the soul and the ego.  That is why, when we say “choose your thought,” we are really saying “let your soul do the speaking,” not the ego.

             The ego reacts according to patterns and codes that it has established from the birth canal on.  The soul comes into this incarnation and enters a body with a certain essence, and the essence is what projects the thought or “feeling,” as you said.  So there is a different mode of communication.

Q20:    The essence doesn’t exist before the body? 

LBs:     The essence is a part of the soul. The essence is the soul, so to speak.

              It is difficult for one to really comprehend the difference between the mind and the soul and the ego, but there is a definite difference, and the way each reacts or acts is different from the other.  So, when you “feel” something and then a thought comes from that feeling, that is the soul speaking; that is the essence coming through.  When your ego reacts and a thought comes through, the thought is really coming from the mind first and speaking to the ego, and then the ego is what you are really hearing.

Q21:  Is it not true that when the ego speaks, it always speaks with thought involved, and that is why meditation is good--to turn the ego off, at least temporarily?

LBs:     It is a little more nebulous than just “thought,” because emotion is attached to ego.

Q22:     Sometimes a strong emotion will just come up, and you may not know why.

LBs:     Correct.  And the emotion may be a trigger from something that happened long ago, and the ego is remembering that experience.

Q23:       They can be pretty strong messages, and they can take a little bit of work to cancel out.

LBs:     That is why it is so necessary for you to allow the soul to have its say, because if you don’t get quiet enough to hear the soul, the ego runs the ship.

Q24:      If the ego puts you in a fear mode, then it’s easier for it to run the ship, because it hasn’t got any competition--the soul can’t get through to lead you on a different path, to make a different choice…

LBs:     That is absolutely correct.

Q25:       I’ve noticed that a song playing on the radio can sometimes change my mood immediately out of a fear mode. It can literally turn my ego off sometimes. 

LBs:     This is why we would like to work with you more on the color, and the sound, because there are tremendous possibilities of expanding one’s consciousness through both of these different kinds of vibrations.  So, you are absolutely right. Music is a part of that, a part of the sound that can truly change or expand ones consciousness, and open one to being able to hear, to being able to feel the oneness in a greater way than almost any other kind of method.

Q26:        Have any of us in this room tonight experienced others here in other lifetimes, and is it of significance?

LBs:        Every one in this group has known every other person in this group in more than one lifetime.  But it is not of any importance at this time for you to know what lifetimes, because one tends to get sidetracked when you get too much into other incarnations.  But know that you will be drawing from these lives that you have shared, and there will be some rememberings, perhaps, and some of you may, even in dreams, remember.  But it is not what is of importance.  What is of importance is that you made a pact. And there will be others who will join this group that could not be here tonight, or are not yet aware that they have the need to come.  But there will be a group that will solidify and expand in a way that you are not presently aware of.  And had you not known each other before, it would not have been as possible to create the energy field as quickly, nor would there be the trust that has already somewhat developed.  LBs:       Does that satisfy you a little?

Q:            A little.  [Group laughter]

Moderator:  Is there anyone that wants to ask any more questions, because it’s getting close to the end?

Q27:       Well, will we be doing this again?

LBs:     We were just waiting for you to say that.

[Group laughter]

LBs:     We are looking so forward to the next time, because you will have had time to have mulled over what has been said and come up with your own ideas and questions. And each time you come together, you will build the energy.  And as this energy builds, it will open each of you and expand your consciousness, so that you may hear and see things in a way that you have not been able to do before.  It will give you a kind of expansion with each other, so that each of you will be able to integrate with the others’ energy. And you will begin to learn more about what energy is about, and how this unseen thing that you call “energy” actually drives what happens on the earth plane.  And this energy is created through sound, color, and thought.  So we look forward to sharing with you, and look forward to your growing and expanding. Thank you for coming tonight, we have waited a long time.

Q:  [Group laughter and expressions of thanks]


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