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 Thank you for visiting this site. Joyce has been receiving information from a group consciousness we call the Light Beings for over 25 years.

Their group energy has a shared interest in helping human kind adapt to the rising vibration we are experiencing now on the earth plane. The LB's enthusiastically remind us we are incarnate energy beings with our auric fields, personalities, and physical bodies being influenced and affected by the subtle vibrations of thought, color and sound. They teach us about managing our energy fields and balancing ego and spirit. They offer us guidance in ways to expand our consciousness, better understand and experience unconditional love, and work with the challenges and opportunities that arise with the earth plane changes and expanding consciousness of this new age.

The information and commentary they provide in these free readings are multi-fold, covering a wide subject matter. We are grateful the channel is offering this material to the public.

Most recent reading:  11-15-15  Technology and Soul Connection

A recent reading from disincarnated "Aneva" offers information on her lives in the Iraq, Afghanistan region and what the future may hold for women and others in that area.

A recent reading, 8-15-15, focuses on the major vibrational changes due to occur this Sept-Oct, 2015 and how it affects everyone. North Korea's problems, and China's South China Sea ambitions are also mentioned along with the California drought and worsening problems in the Middle East.

Consciousness and the Art of Knowing
is our first book by the Light Beings 

This channeled work is a challenge to our assumptions of what consciousness and spirituality truly are. Requiring courage and choice, it helps guide us into a more expansive way of living, aiming to reclaim childhood knowingness, and positively influence the world.

Book's Table of Contents
Paperback, Kindle Version